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Discover SUEZ Environment purification and disinfection systems for ozone, UV and membranes systems offer at the 22nd IOA World Congress & Exhibition

SUEZ environnement as the world’s largest producer of purification and disinfection systems for ozone, UV and membranes systems is sponsoring the 22nd IOA world congress & exhibition organised by the International Ozone Association.

The congress 2015 will take place in Barcelona (Spain) 28 June – 3 July, and will cover a wide range of topics on fundamentals, engineering and applied aspects of oxidation techniques involving ozone and advanced oxidation systems with the aim to highlight the key issues and the latest advances from scientific to operational disciplines. It reflects the IOA commitment to consider and discuss directions able to deliver innovative, competitive and sustainable solutions which address current and next challenges in the fields of environmental and human health protection, industrial manufacture and conditioning, medical therapy.
A group of experts will be pleased to explain how our expertise and our cutting edge technologies for ozone, UV and membranes systems can help the industry in its goals of environmental and economic performance. To illustrate one of the key subject of this year which is “Ozone and Advanced Oxidation – Leading-edge science and technologies”, SUEZ environnement will participate in the following scientific sessions:

Monday, 29 June
Session 4 – Fundamentals – Part 2
14:50 to 15:10
4.2 Impact of ozone application to primary urban wastewaters: micropollutant and organic matter change

Tuesday, 30 June
Session 16 – Advanced Oxidation: Catalytic ozonation
14:50 to 15:10
16.2 Urban wastewater treatment by catalytic ozonation

Session 21 – Micropollutants control – Part 1
17:00 to 17:40
21.1 First full-scale application of ozonation for wastewater treatment in Switzerland: elimination of micropollutants and formation of oxidation products

17:40 to 18:00
21.2 Optimisation of full-scale ozonation tertiary treatment for micropollutants removal

Wednesday, 1 July
Session 23 – Industrial waters
09:50 to 10:10
23.5 Ozonation and UV radiation as alternatives to chemical biocides for cooling water

Session 24 – Micropollutants control – Part 2
08:30 – 08:50
24.1 The contribution of analytical and chemometric tools for the performance assessment of several wastewater treatment technologies

09:30 – 09:50
24.4 Pharmaceuticals removal in wastewater by biological treatment and tertiary ozonation

Session 27 – Workshop – IOA highlights
11:00 – 13:00
Ozone as active substance under the Biocidal Products Regulation

Session 30 – Micropollutants control – Part 3
30.5 Ecotoxicological evaluation of wastewater treated by conventional biological and ozonation processes

Come and discover the future of Ozone applications at the Exhibition Area on Booth #4!

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