The world leader in ozone and UV water treatment | aquaray® & ozonia® product lines


Recognized globally as a leader in water and wastewater treatment, innovation is a vital component of ozonia®'s & aquaray®'s product line expertise. Around the world, SUEZ invests heavily in research and development to bring the most innovative in ozone and UV technologies to market.

SUEZ continues this strong commitment to value creation with focused programs across its organization with an emphasis on project collaboration to ensure rapid and efficient transfer of new technologies on a global basis.

ozonia® Triplex Ozone Vessel

By integrating operational data from a fully automated ozone generator test stand with mathematical modeling results, SUEZ researchers are able to determine an ozone generator's performance efficiency under a wide range of operating conditions such as feed gas pressure, cooling water temperature, etc. The Triplex vessel ozone test stand incorporates state of the art ozone monitoring instrumentation including a UV spectrophotometer for measuring ozone concentration and an IR-spectrophotometer for gas composition analysis.

ozonia® Intelligent Gap System

SUEZ newly developed ozonia® IGS Technology dielectric technology is expected to revolutionize the industrial ozone generation field — a critical milestone as ozone is increasingly applied in advanced wastewater treatment applications for control of micropollutants such as endocrine disrupting compounds and pharmaceutical wastes. One key advantage of the IGS dielectric technology is the significant reduction in power consumption to produce the equivalent weight percent of ozone as compared to conventional designs.

aquaray® UV Systems

Increasing environmental awareness and the growing market for wastewater reuse has accelerated the implementation of UV Disinfection. The aquaray® 3X technology combines the use of LP Amalgam lamps (160W UVC) and a patented vertical lamp reactor design to deliver maximum disinfection capacity with significantly fewer lamps and a compact plant footprint. A novel flow pacing controls feature supports variable lamp output and row-by-row operation to allow optimized disinfection while maximizing energy savings. As a “green” alternative to the use of chlorine, the aquaray® 3X has already generated real financial gains for users. In 2006, it was awarded the Frost & Sullivan award for Technology Innovation of the Year in the US Water and Wastewater treatment category.